Try to realize it’s all within yourself; no one else can make you change

George Harrison

Tuesday, August 26 with 2 notes

Feeling very healthy and good about myself this week.

Monday, August 25 with 2 notes

Ok I’ll say it:
Beyoncé is an incredible woman for sure. No doubt that she is a force of radiant good and beauty.
But I refuse to accept the public’s complete and utter obsession and worship of her.
No person, even if they ARE Beyoncé, is perfect.
I’m confounded at our ability to put someone we’ve never met on such a high pedestal.
Look around you, ordinary people can be just as heroic, the world can be just as amazing, just as powerful.
Focus inward, find meaning and amazement in yourself.
Beyoncé is incredible, but she is mortal.
Like you.

Monday, August 25 with 4 notes